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October 5, 2008

My kebaya girl

I just joined Fasity, and found that they have a contest about styling the kebaya, which I really want to participate. I eagerly draw and styled my perfect kebaya girl, to realize then that the contest was closed just a year ago, 12 October 2007, not 2008, damn!
But my kebaya girl is done, she is Linda Evangelista (found perfect picture of girl with perfect gesture, turn out to be her).

I styled her with:
1. just plain no fuss Javanese kebaya, no sheer fabric, pleated hem for texture and beauty. The kebaya is not tight at the body, just perfect comfortable fit. ( Because I decided to use that Loubutin shoes, the colour of the kebaya match with it, a pinkish peach).
2. match it with wirued batik sheets.
3. long sheer ombre shawl, wears across body just like old time kebaya.
4. Hair style: Sleek with small bun
5. Dangle earrings, big pink stone ring, Nancy Gonzales clutch and Louboutin satin shoes.

I really want to add big shades over her face, just like old picture of Mrs Fatmawati or Mrs Dewi Soekarno, but I think my girl not going to wear it at the formal gala diner with ambassadors.

I am eager to style my kebaya girl, because I‘m tired with today’s kebaya. Modern kebayas turn to become not everyday thing, its too tight, too sheer, too whorealike, too carnival, too much embellishment, just too much. I miss kebaya as everyday clothes for Indonesian women, I miss kebaya in old pictures, where women wears unshaped kebaya with batik, with sleek buned hair, or flowery kebayas like Mrs Soeharto.

So here it is, my kebaya girl. Her kebaya is old schooled, but styled with todays accessories so it become very chic and graceful (in my opinion). What do you think?

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