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November 25, 2008

Jennifer Connely off time

Why Jennifer Connely wear that? Ugly dress with exaggerated shoes is just simply ugly

November 23, 2008

Burberry gardening bag

We crazy over this bag, Burberry Dégradé alligator gardening bag, for spring 2009


November 16, 2008

Bella and Edward in Instyle Fashion Shoot

Instyle feature Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in their Fashion shoot.


November 11, 2008

Oscar de la Renta’s gown

pic from glamour

Very gorgeous Oscar de la Renta's gown for spring 2009. The earrings play an important role for the look.

November 10, 2008

Anggun at World Music Award Monte Carlo

pic from zimbio and daylife

Anggun at the World Music Award arrival and her performance that night with the same outfit. We really proud of her, but we dont really feel her outfit. The fringe dress will look better in a more slim figure (I think she gain some weight) but we love her shoes. Her boyfriend Laurent Wolf won the Best DJ.

November 2, 2008

Heidi Klum's scarry halloween costume

pic from tinypic

Heidi Klum's all out efforts as Kali, Indian godess.

October 27, 2008

Chloé "Saskia Show Bag"

Kate Bosworth's colorful Chloe

pic from people

October 23, 2008

Royal Highness

pic from perezhilton

Her Royal Highness in London.

October 15, 2008

New MacBook Pro

Steve Jobs introduces New Apple MacBook Pro, which available at stores tomorrow, and MacBook Air that will be released on early November.

October 14, 2008

End of CosmoGirl

Hearst Magazines is shutting down CosmoGirl magazine.The December issue will be the last CosmoGirl. With competition from the Web and celebrity weeklies, more traditional magazines aimed at teenagers have had trouble retaining readers and advertisers. In 2006, Hachette Filipacchi Media closed Elle Girl, though it kept its Web site, and Time Inc. closed Teen People.

October 8, 2008

The BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry with clickable touchscreen ready to take on iPhone

A new touchscreen BlackBerry phone is launched today, ready to battle with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and the new “Google phone” in the run up to Christmas. The BlackBerry Storm aims to blow away its rivals with an “intuitive touchscreen” which can be pressed down like buttons on a keyboard, unlike other touchscreen mobiles where users tap the unresponsive glass.

read the complete article here

October 7, 2008

Titi and Ovy: Eco conscious celebs

pic from clearwaste
Titi and OVy in front of the composter

At Mr. Sobirin's blog theres a post about Titi DJ and family visited Mr Sob's house in Bandung and learn how to make compost from domestic waste. It turns out that Ovy wants to be an organic farmer and they're both very eager to make their home zerowaste. We love you two more now! Hope this trend spreads!

October 5, 2008

My kebaya girl

I just joined Fasity, and found that they have a contest about styling the kebaya, which I really want to participate. I eagerly draw and styled my perfect kebaya girl, to realize then that the contest was closed just a year ago, 12 October 2007, not 2008, damn!
But my kebaya girl is done, she is Linda Evangelista (found perfect picture of girl with perfect gesture, turn out to be her).

I styled her with:
1. just plain no fuss Javanese kebaya, no sheer fabric, pleated hem for texture and beauty. The kebaya is not tight at the body, just perfect comfortable fit. ( Because I decided to use that Loubutin shoes, the colour of the kebaya match with it, a pinkish peach).
2. match it with wirued batik sheets.
3. long sheer ombre shawl, wears across body just like old time kebaya.
4. Hair style: Sleek with small bun
5. Dangle earrings, big pink stone ring, Nancy Gonzales clutch and Louboutin satin shoes.

I really want to add big shades over her face, just like old picture of Mrs Fatmawati or Mrs Dewi Soekarno, but I think my girl not going to wear it at the formal gala diner with ambassadors.

I am eager to style my kebaya girl, because I‘m tired with today’s kebaya. Modern kebayas turn to become not everyday thing, its too tight, too sheer, too whorealike, too carnival, too much embellishment, just too much. I miss kebaya as everyday clothes for Indonesian women, I miss kebaya in old pictures, where women wears unshaped kebaya with batik, with sleek buned hair, or flowery kebayas like Mrs Soeharto.

So here it is, my kebaya girl. Her kebaya is old schooled, but styled with todays accessories so it become very chic and graceful (in my opinion). What do you think?

October 2, 2008

Andrew Gn Spring 2009 Ready To Wear Collection

We love Andrew Gn's collection from his Spring Ready to Wear 2009. The Singaporean born designer made his line only for the superrich with clothes that start at $15,000 each. Gobstopper-size crystals—too many of them to count—decorated necklines, waistbands, and hems. Gn's burgeoning costume-jewelry collection got big play, too. The models wore bib necklaces or big drop earrings and matching cuffs on each wrist.
pics and news from style

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September 23, 2008

Issa Spring Ready to Wear 2009

We love Issa from London Fashion Week. Its wearable and pretty. As reviewed: that's what Issa is all about: feel-good clothes for the live-fast set.

pics from style

September 21, 2008

PEOPLE'S 10 Best Dressed Stars of 2008

News and pic from peoplestylewatch

Hudson is already known for her haute hippie taste, but in 2008, she added a new touch of polished elegance to her looks – like her flowing Balmain gown and chic Valentino leather coat.


As if her much-copied hair wasn't enough to earn her a spot on this list, Rihanna hit all the right notes in her sophisticated mix of glamorous gowns, like her yellow Giambattista Valli, and funky dresses, including this feathered Zac Posen.

The Oscar winner proved better than ever, revving up her classic look and taking off length from her famously long locks – and her hemlines! Paltrow showcased her flawless legs in her Preen minidress and, in her Lanvin toga, put the attention on her trendsetting bob.

A long way from her belly-baring days, a refined Fergie emerged as a confident and cool dresser this year. From chic shorts on the street to classic Calvin Klein at the Grammys, there is no doubt that this singer is totally "G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S."

She may have endured a rocky year in her personal life, but you'd never know it from how fabulous Hathaway looked on the red carpet. From glittering Roberto Cavalli in N.Y.C. to sexy draped Marchesa in Madrid, the actress certainly got smart about her wardrobe choices.

There's no auf Wiedersehen in sight for this hard-working supermodel. Klum wins us over every week with Project Runway but works the red carpet in designs from luxe designers like Roland Mouret and John Galliano.

She may have topped the box office as Carrie Bradshaw, but the New Yorker dazzled fans with her own unique sense of style. She wowed at a Sex and the City premiere in Versace and created her own style mix with Marni and Rag & Bone in N.Y.C.

Politics may be tougher than ever, but Obama has wowed along the campaign trail with confidence, in polished looks that bring to mind a famous former first lady. Sticking mainly to favorite hometown designers like Maria Pinto, who crafted her sleek purple sheath, Obama has also tried new looks by Isabel Toledo and jeweler Tom Binns for campaign fund-raisers.

Mendes got pulses racing with her sexy Calvin Klein ads, but her looks on the red carpet were perfectly feminine and sweet – like these Dolce & Gabbana frocks.

As if her acting choices weren't daring enough, the Oscar winner never missed an opportunity to turn up the drama on the red carpet. Whether wearing these feminine Dior frocks or trying a bold Balenciaga, Theron commanded attention wherever she went.


September 16, 2008

Cycling is officially chic

The bicycle has become the ultimate fashion accessory, but it was chic way before Agyness Dean started riding
by Rebecca Nicholson,Thursday September 04 2008 00:01 BST

With the madness of Fashion Week nearly upon us, one sight is more certain than untouched food at a backstage buffet – Agyness Deyn will be tearing between shows, as usual, on her trusty bicycle. Her fondness of two wheels, documented by countless paparazzi pictures of her cruising through the New York streets, Strokes boyfriend in tow, set enough of a trend for Page Six magazine to declare it "a fashionable pursuit". Cycling's not only sustainable, cheap and healthy – it's officially chic.

pic from dailymail

Cycle commuting in London has increased by 91 per cent since 2000, and with that comes a natural evolution of style. Last year's limited edition Chanel bike may have been a ridiculous £6,000, and certainly ill-suited to London's cycle theft record, but Gucci soon followed with a limited Beijing-themed red model, embossed leather panniers included, which sold in China and Hong Kong for $3,400. Ludicrous, certainly, but also a sign of how fashion is starting to take cycling seriously. (Just ask Vivienne Westwood, a long-time devotee of pedal power.)

Chanel's limited edition bicycle, which sold for £6,000

But sales of "sit-up-and-beg" bikes were on the up long before Agyness took to her Electra Amsterdam. While they're easier on the eye than a clunky mountain bike, the explosion of Dutch or vintage style brands like Pashley, Velorbis and Grand 1888 allows cyclists to be more fashionable. They're slower machines good for leisurely rides – think riding home with flowers in your wicker basket, and you'll get an idea of the pace. You're far less likely to work up a sweat on a Pashley than you are on a zippy racer, which means you're far less inclined to reach for the dreaded Lycra.

This hatred of clichéd cyclewear unites bike-style bloggers across Europe and the US. They share a belief that the stereotype of an aggressive cyclist in Spandex shorts and wraparound shades does a great deal to harm the concept of cycling as simply a normal, everyday means of getting from one place to the next. "There are two major misconceptions," explains Caz Nicklin, founder of, an online store and blog for fashion-conscious women on bicycles. "One is that cycling is a geeky pursuit for which you have to be dressed from head to toe in Lycra. The other is that it's dangerous."

These concerns show that, despite recent growth, going anywhere by bike is still a novelty in Britain. A million Londoners may own bicycles, but only two per cent of journeys are made using them. We're still a long way behind the cycle-centric cultures of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and even Paris, now, and it's in Europe that "cycle chic" really comes into its own.

The term was coined by blogger Mikael Colville-Andersen for his site, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, which collects and publishes his daily shots of the city's most stylish cyclists. He tells of girls in Louboutin heels who seem to stick with "beat-up old Raleigh granny bikes" and how the city's men are switching to "sit-up-and-begs" like the Velorbis Churchill, but really, he says, "We don't have cyclists in Copenhagen, we just have Copenhageners who get around on bikes."

Marc van Woudenberg, who runs the popular site Amsterdamize, supports the idea that fashionable cycling is about being able to wear your everyday clothes to do it. "It's not for the purpose of cycling, but for the purpose of dressing according to your personality and the occasion, be it work, school, a party, whatever," he says, adding, "Anything but Lycra."

And that's what the boom in "sit-up-and-beg" bikes like the Pashley Princess, the Electra Amsterdam and those beat-up old Raleigh granny bikes will continue to nurture – dressing as you would every day, in Louboutin heels if you like, enjoying your leisurely bike ride.

September 14, 2008

Are you ready for a short hair do?

news and pic from popsugar

It's been the week of the haircut, what with Victoria Beckham's gamine crop and Agyness Deyn's new sleek bob. Now Kate Moss has gone for the chop with this super-messy mid-length cut. Kate was showing off her hair at Punk last night, as she stepped out with boyfriend Jamie Hince.

pic from dailymail

September 11, 2008

Phelps and the Jonas

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps with the Jonas Brothers at Paramount Studios in L.A.

September 10, 2008

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2009

We love tunics from DVF for Spring 2009. We can wear them as fashionable 'gamis' for muslim wear!

September 9, 2008

September 6, 2008

Marchesa's Resort 2009 Collection

Marchesa's Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig took a trip down the Nile for Resort. Keeping the palette simple—ivory, black, blush—they applied gold Egyptian-style embroideries to striking pleated and draped dresses and gowns, two of which came in a dramatic marble print. Though Chapman and Craig clocked serious tabloid time this weekend dressing WAG Coleen McLoughlin for her wedding to Manchester United soccer player Wayne Rooney, this collection was less headline-making. Still, the characteristically pretty dresses should make any woman feel like a latter-day Cleopatra.

from style

September 1, 2008

Bali Fashion Week looks to brighter future

Andra Wisnu, The Jakarta Post, Kuta

Models sporting branded casual jeans and tank-tops strutted down the bar table-come-catwalk at the final event for Bali Fashion Week 2008 at the Hard Rock Hotel's Center Stage in Kuta, late Friday.

Sexy swim wear and sensuous lingerie collections were followed by musical performances by Siluet and the Rice Girls (a new group of singers from Australia) during the intervals.

It was a fairly lackadaisical evening compared to the past four days of brave colors and elegant dresses which filled Bali Fashion Week this year. Nevertheless it did serve as a reminder for Mardiani Ika, the creator of Bali Fashion Week, that another year had passed and it was now time for everyone to concentrate on the future.

"I know that those who came out and worked hard to make their designs for display made a lot of connections with people in the industry and even got some orders," Ika told The Jakarta Post, standing next to the pool outside away from the Techno-music blaring from Center Stage.

"Of course, it could have been better but I believe, given our capacity, that it was the best show we could have done," Ika said.

read the complete article here

Oka Diputra

August 12, 2008

Katie's boyfriend jeans

pic from cocosteaparty
The reason why Katie Holmes started to wear boyfriend style jeans (Tom's?) maybe not because she listened to Victoria's styling advice, its because she could be pregnant, according to perez

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