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September 1, 2008

Bali Fashion Week looks to brighter future

Andra Wisnu, The Jakarta Post, Kuta

Models sporting branded casual jeans and tank-tops strutted down the bar table-come-catwalk at the final event for Bali Fashion Week 2008 at the Hard Rock Hotel's Center Stage in Kuta, late Friday.

Sexy swim wear and sensuous lingerie collections were followed by musical performances by Siluet and the Rice Girls (a new group of singers from Australia) during the intervals.

It was a fairly lackadaisical evening compared to the past four days of brave colors and elegant dresses which filled Bali Fashion Week this year. Nevertheless it did serve as a reminder for Mardiani Ika, the creator of Bali Fashion Week, that another year had passed and it was now time for everyone to concentrate on the future.

"I know that those who came out and worked hard to make their designs for display made a lot of connections with people in the industry and even got some orders," Ika told The Jakarta Post, standing next to the pool outside away from the Techno-music blaring from Center Stage.

"Of course, it could have been better but I believe, given our capacity, that it was the best show we could have done," Ika said.

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Oka Diputra

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