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January 3, 2008

Greater Lash

As the popularity of lash extensions continues, Miami plastic surgeon and hair-transplant expert Jeffrey Epstein is offering a longer-term solution. Epstein, who opened the Women’s Center for Hair Loss in 2004, had been doing eyebrow transplants for several years before realizing he could apply a similar technique to lashes. “The hairs are inserted into the lid at the crease area, then exit at the lash line,” explains Epstein, who’s done 12 of the procedures to date. “I originally only did these for women who’d lost all or most of their eyelashes, but now that the results are so nice, I perform them for cosmetic purposes.”

Recovery time is usually less than a week, but since these hairs grow like regular scalp hair, frequent trims are required, not to mention serious dedication to the lash curler. “We usually take it from the back of the scalp, where hair has its best curl, but, yes, patients still have to curl them every day,” says Epstein about the $4,000 procedure. “It’s a commitment.”

By Jane Larkworthy


ok, KD, go to this doctor!

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