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January 25, 2008

The right regimen

makes all the difference, whether you're treating breakouts, wrinkles, or redness.

Reduce wrinkles
The dermatologist-office options—from Botox to peels to laser—are not your only line of defense. The combination of these at-home measures is remarkably powerful; you'll definitely see results.

• Retinoids. Both prescription (stronger) and OTC versions are proven to improve wrinkles: "They really work," says L.A./New York dermatologist Karyn Grossman. "They smooth skin by increasing cell turnover and collagen production." The key is to stick with the program: It takes at least six weeks to see the effects on your skin.
• Peptides also smooth skin and spur collagen growth—and they can be used in conjunction with retinol for more powerful results, says New York dermatologist Patricia Wexler: "They're great together, used at night."
• Antioxidants help protect skin from free radicals during the day. "Many sunscreens are already packed with them—or you can layer them underneath," says Grossman. Antioxidants also repair skin as you sleep, though some—like vitamin C—can be irritating if used at the same time as retinol.
• Sunscreen. The sun is the quickest ager there is. "At the bare minimum, you need SPF in the morning under makeup," Grossman says. "Ideally, you should reapply every two hours—you can use sunscreen or high-SPF foundation."
• Sleep on your back (you're essentially ironing in wrinkles by crushing your face into a pillow), and don't smoke (it induces major wrinkling and deprives your skin of oxygen).


January 16, 2008

Messenger Bags!

Now is the time for the messenger bags!

The rich cream hue and crisp geometric shape make this streetwise bag feel incredibly refined and ladylike.
Calfskin leather "Remi," $578, Shih by Stephanie Lin,

So versatile—I can swing the long strap over my shoulder or carry it by its neat little handle.
Lambskin "Serge," $795, Jerome Dreyfuss,

I love how the ruching, contrast stitching, and front patches have a vintage, almost-Western vibe.
Leather "Lovely Luz," $398, Marc by Marc Jacobs,




Dont need to wait until spring! we can start up wearing this pattern right away. Embrace the sun and start to collect this retro and modern prints.

Manish Arora
Silk pop-art dress

Paisley velvet pillow

Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton
After Dark Bowling PM bag

Philippe Starck for Kartell
Mademoiselle chair with Missoni fabric
Available at Kartell stores nationwide,

Garden floor cushions

Ike queen duvet cover and cushion

Roger Vivier
Beaded bag

Paul Smith
Silk dress and cashmere cardigan

Silk chiffon tiger-print top and skirt

Silkkikuikka umbrella
Available at

Giorgio Armani
Silk clutch with beaded closure

January 8, 2008

Jewelleries with colourful precious stones

Dont hide your big appetite. Big colourful precious stones will makes you envied.

Adelline Roussel
Ring with smoky topaz and diamonds.

Ana Lucia de Teresa
Gold necklace with sapphires and Tahitian pearls.

Blue cocktail ring with green stone detail.

Sapphire, diamond, and tsavorite gothic ring.

Adelline Roussel
Gold bracelet with amethysts


January 3, 2008

The most stylish stars of 2007


SHE may be a loser in love, but Justin-jilting Cameron Diaz is still a winner in the fashion stakes.

The leggy beauty has just been named one of ten style queens for 2007 by American mag Life & Style.

Cam's in good company too. Curvy Latin lovely Eva Mendes and elegant Aussie Cate Blanchett have also made the top 10.

Cameron Diaz: The golden girl

Cameron's a girl's girl depsite being an ex model, having a killer bod and having a string of hunky blokes fighting over her.

Why? Because she doesn't take herself too seriously and is happy hanging out in surf shorts on the beach or full-length Dior on the red carpet.

Cate Blanchett: The trendsetter

Never afraid to try out something new, Cate loves to embrace a difficult trend, even when she's pregnant.

Her amazing skin and hair complete every outfit to make her look pure A list.

Penelope Cruz: The goddess

Penelope's sultry Spanish looks have netted her Hollywood's hottest men plus a load of advertising deals.

We love the fact that she shows off her curves and her Mango collection is va va voom.

Kate Bosworth: The ingenue

Close to becoming a designers' favourite, Kate rocks new looks before anyone else.

A lover of young labels from Chloe to Marc Jacobs, Kate's edgy but pretty style makes for a killer fashion combination.

Angelina Jolie: The bad girl turned good

Gorgeous but ever so slightly frumpy. Also far too skinny for our liking.

Ange sticks to what she knows - elegant, understated and monochrome - and lets her lips do the talking.

Eva Mendes: The bombshell

Another curvy latin goddess, we love Eva for admitting that staying in Hollywood shape is hard work.

Her honey-toned skin goes with absolutely anything, and she's the queen of the red carpet accessories.

Gwen Stefani: The fashion mogul

Gwen rocks the yummy mummy look like no-one else, as her ace fashion range L.A.M.B proves.

She is super high-maintenance and hasn't let having a baby get in the way of her perfect red lips and kick-ass high heels.

Nicole Kidman: The perennial fashion favourite

The Tin Man silver suit was a late 2007 fashion faux pas from Chanel's poster girl but generelly the Aussie gets it spot on.

A fan of pale colours and girlie fabrics, Nicole is serenity personified. Just picture her in that gorgeous Balenciaga wedding gown.

Reese Witherspoon: The comeback queen

As cute as apple pie, Reese's dimples, petite frame and blonde locks make her the list's cutest contender.

Her new arm candy Jake Gyllenhaal is SO a good look for her.

Katie Holmes: The new Hollywood royalty

We're slightly scared by the Suri style hairdo, but glad to see that Katie is sticking to her polished look rather than adopting 'Posh' style.

Anyone that can run a marathon and then look red carpet ready in heels and Armani that evening wins our vote.


Greater Lash

As the popularity of lash extensions continues, Miami plastic surgeon and hair-transplant expert Jeffrey Epstein is offering a longer-term solution. Epstein, who opened the Women’s Center for Hair Loss in 2004, had been doing eyebrow transplants for several years before realizing he could apply a similar technique to lashes. “The hairs are inserted into the lid at the crease area, then exit at the lash line,” explains Epstein, who’s done 12 of the procedures to date. “I originally only did these for women who’d lost all or most of their eyelashes, but now that the results are so nice, I perform them for cosmetic purposes.”

Recovery time is usually less than a week, but since these hairs grow like regular scalp hair, frequent trims are required, not to mention serious dedication to the lash curler. “We usually take it from the back of the scalp, where hair has its best curl, but, yes, patients still have to curl them every day,” says Epstein about the $4,000 procedure. “It’s a commitment.”

By Jane Larkworthy


ok, KD, go to this doctor!

trends that must end in 2008

the over exaggerated fake lashes

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