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April 19, 2008

winarno's taste in fashion

On Wisata kuliner's Capadocia Turkey episode, Gwen showed us that she have a good fashion taste.

1. First on the balloon she wore a gorgeous red belted trench, with shawl
2. At the carpet maker, shoe wore dark sweater, tucked in jeans with black flat knee-high boot which is very cool, with a big leather tote.
3. lunch wore grey anorak jacket and shawl
4. dinner jeans, blazer and shawl

It's relieved to see somebody wear something good on our tv. But in other jakarta's episode she wore things that a tourist would wear (you know..sleeveless tank with dark skin). And if I’m not mistaken she have a hairy spot under her jaw, which must be removed right away.

Chloe wing flat boot

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